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Providing cleaning of carpets, upholstery, tiles, mould removal specialist, in-home curtain cleaning, car interiors & more.
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Scott Hermsen, Bensons Cleaning Services

Scott Hermsen, Director

Cleaning Carpets, Properties Vehicles Across Adelaide

If you’re looking to welcome guests into your home, or attract clients to your business, it’s imperative that your interiors be as clean as possible. Rather than attempt the massive task of cleaning your home by yourself, call on the experts at Bensons Cleaning in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills areas. We’ll use efficient techniques and top-of-the-line cleaning products to get every surface in every room spotless and immaculate.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Adelaide

Our dedicated team of professional cleaners offers prompt service and a superior clean, making us one of the best local carpet steam cleaning services in the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills areas. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, including carpet and curtain cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and Goldmorr® mould removal services.

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The right choice for every property in the city

We clean residences and commercial premises in Adelaide Metropolitan, Adelaide Hills & North Adelaide. When you engage our team, you are assured an immaculate clean. We use all the latest technology and processes and are proud of our success.

We’re able to do everything efficiently, drawing on our years of experience in the business. Our cleaners are trained to the highest standard, able to use best-practice techniques to get the most out of your carpets.

Delivering services you’ll love at the price you need

Our commercial services extend to your carpet. The largest surface area in your home or business is the carpet, it collects dirt and dust faster than any other surface. With our deluxe commercial and residential carpet cleaning services, your floors are left completely clean and odour free, extending their life by years. Whether for an end of lease clean, a regular tidy up, or a comprehensive spring clean, we’re the company for you. 

We go beyond carpets, cleaning every part of your property, including:

  • curtains
  • mattresses
  • rugs
  • lounge sets and other upholstery
  • windows
  • tiled areas

We even go into your car to vacuum and scrub so you have a good-as-new vehicle too.