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Professional Curtain Cleaning Services for Adelaide

Save time & money by not having to pull your curtains down, we clean onsite- with the latest curtain cleaning technology process. Call us today for cost effective in home curtain cleaning Adelaide wide!

Curtains are an important aspect of furnishing any room. In addition to complimenting the other furnishings in a room, they provide a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately they also act as dust and odour depositories, as do other soft furnishings. As clean as a house may appear, a build-up of dust and odours in curtains and soft furnishings occurs over time. For this reason, it is recommended that they are cleaned twice a year.

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However, due mainly to the inconvenience of taking down curtains, removing hooks, sending them to the dry cleaners for a few days (leaving the windows in your home looking cold and bare) and then reversing the process, people tend to put off calling in the curtain cleaners.

With our specialised equipment, Bensons professional curtain cleaners clean your curtains ON-SITE having the unique ability to use either Hot-Water-Extraction (Steam Clean) or Dry Organic Solvent Cleaning depending on the type of fabric. We’ll leave draperies looking and smelling fresh and clean. Book some time with one of our professional cleaning team today.

New Mould Removal Technology

We have recently adopted a new mould removal method using a special line of products by GoldMorr® This is exciting because we can now offer you on-site mould removal and have your curtains back to there mould-free glory without them leaving their hangings.

Below are some photos which are an example of how mould ridden curtains can be brought back from the grave!

But, why should you get your curtains cleaned?

Bensons Cleaning Services are leading specialists in curtain steam cleaning and curtain dry cleaning. The benefits of making sure window treatments are clean are, however, often misunderstood or overlooked completely. Curtains act as a trap for dust that is floating around in the atmosphere. If curtains are not regularly vacuumed and deep cleaned this dust can build up so densely that it becomes deeply compacted it into the curtain fabric. If this build up starts to become excessive it can have a very noticeable effect on the air quality in your home. Every time curtains are opened and closed the dust and pollutants contained within the curtains get partially dislodged and thrown out again into the atmosphere. Not only can this cause unpleasant odour issues within the home but it can also have serious impact on allergy sufferers, particularly those sensitive to the house dust mite. Since modern homes commonly have double glazing and central heating, leading to heightened humidity levels, curtains can often provide a breeding ground for the house dust mite. Regular, professional curtain cleaning can therefore eliminate the source of dust mite allergens, remove stale and unpleasant odours, and provide a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Bensons Cleaning Services are specialists in cleaning curtains on-site using a sophisticated 7 Step Steam Cleaning Process:

  1. All curtains are initially inspected prior to cleaning. Not only does this enable us to choose the most appropriate cleaning method, but it also gives us an opportunity to give you a reasonable expectation for how we can improve the condition of your curtains.
  2. A dry vacuum process is utilised to remove loosely attached dust and other pollutant particles from the curtains.
  3. Curtains are then pre-treated to loosen away deeply embedded dirt and dust.
  4. Any visible stains on the curtains will also be spot treated to break them down.
  5. We then use a specialist steam extraction process to remove deeply embedded dirt and dust. This process is also effective at removing or reducing staining.
  6. The curtains then undergo a deodorisation process to ensure that they stay fresh and healthy.
  7. A post-inspection of the cleaning is then undertaken to ensure that we have done everything we can to leave your curtains in their best possible condition. Don’t forget, every job is underpinned by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We also specialize in carpet cleaning, offering premium services for homes and businesses across Adelaide.