Vehicle Interior Cleaning


Car Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide by Bensons

Get your vehicle interior looking great again. Cleaning car upholstery can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when you’re not sure what to use on the fabric and/or leather interior – after all, you can’t just put it in the wash! Luckily, the experienced car upholstery cleaners in Adelaide at Bensons know just how to get your car interiors looking as close as possible to the way they did the day it left the showroom.

Our car upholstery cleaning service is incredibly thorough. We’ll take out all removable covers and headrests, to get the best possible access. From vacuuming to spot cleaning and general steam cleaning where appropriate, our aim is to make the car fresh and hygienic again.

Remove the hassle by letting our trained and certified technicians clean all those tricky spots for you. Call 0412 184 687 now to enquire and book.

Vehicle Interior Cleaning


Keeping your vehicle interior clean is the best way to keep it looking good. Call us today.

Cloth Trim Leather Trim
What we do
Pre inspection of your car interior    
Pre-vacuum seats, mats and carpets (an essential step but not always practiced by some cleaners)  
Floor mats & Carpets Only
Deodorise the seats, mats and carpets  
Floor mats & Carpets Only
Steam clean the seats, mats and carpets  
Floor mats & Carpets Only
2 Stage Hand Bonnet Cleaning and Moisturising  
Our Prices
Small (2-Door) Hatch/Coupe from $179 from $229
Mid-size (4-Door) Hatch/Sedan from $199 from $249
Large Sedan/Wagon from $225 from $279
4×4/SUV from $249 from $319

Please note extra vacuuming will incur additional fees.