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Flood & Restoration Cleaning: A Case Study of a Flooded Two-Story Building in Highbury

Flood & Restoration Cleaning: A Case Study of a Flooded Two-Story Building in Highbury

Getting help in times of emergency water damage is not only important but needs immediate action. The requirement to make a decision with sudden urgency and most often, you do this under stress. Saying you have to bring a company who is not only competent but has your best interest at heart on board is an understatement. A couple had this experience when one of their baths on the 2nd floor of a two-story home was left on slightly before going on a one-week vacation. They got to know about the damage when they returned. Through a referral from a family friend, they called one the best flood clean-up companies in Highbury – Bensons Cleaning Services.

The Client

A young couple living in Highbury

The Challenge

Upon arrival from the short vacation on a Saturday afternoon, the couple got to discovered that 35% of their rooms in their two-story home was soaked-wet. One of the water bath upstairs was left running slowly for the past week with the plug in the bath. There was virtually nowhere to put their travel luggage down stairs and cleaning up service was need ASAP.

Who can they call to help out in this trying time? One of their family friends! She once raved about how helpful we were when she had like experience. She gave them our number out and a call was put across to us. Without wasting time, our best certified crew of professionals was at the scene to commence the clean-up process.

How we helped

The couples were euphoric with our swift response, and they didn’t have to show us where to clean because barely looking at the home, we could see what required immediate attention.

After locating and eliminating the source of threat, our team got down to extract all water from the soaked carpets. They utilized their powerful flood extraction equipment which is truck-mounted to remove as much water as possible. With the guide of the homeowners, we outlined what was salvageable and what needed to be placed in the bin given how wet the carpets were we had to pull them out as they were pure wool and had browned out in colour. After this was done, ventilation holes were drilled in the lower walls of the building while professional drying equipment was setup. Fans and dehumidifiers were also put in strategic places to get air circulate for the drying process to be accelerated and lower moisture from the environment respectively.

The Result

After getting the troubling water under control, the couples were glad we came to their aid quickly than they thought possible. Since the clean-up process was beyond their control, they need some trusted professionals to do the cleaning up process. Apart from the flood clean-up service, we also helped them document the total loss for their insurance company. According to what we later heard, they put in a claim and all damages was paid for by their policy.

Flood damage can happen to anyone at any time. The best you can do to prevent such from happening is protect your home and property. However, when such happens, don’t hesitate to get a certified clean-up company to help you if the situation is beyond what you can handle. Nevertheless, we prepared some tips you can follow to protect your house from this disastrous event.

Protecting Your Home from Flood and Water Damage

In addition to the greener and warmer weather scene, springtime also can bring heavy rain, intense thunderstorms, and floods which can lead to the loss of valuable properties and expensive water damage to your house. We present to you five tips to help protect your home from water and flooding damage.

Tip 1: Check and Repair Your Roof

A lot more damage can be caused by a leaky roof than unsightly water spots on the ceiling to your house. Leaks in roof keep loft insulation wet, which may lead to mould and rot.

The hidden damage due to roof leaks is not better than what meets the eye, so it’s significant to have it repaired when possible. Having a reputable roofing contractor make any needed repairs, test for leaks that are undetected, and inspect your roof can prevent expensive damage down the road.

Tip 2: Have your Possession Documented

Documenting the housing inventory of your personal properties, backed up with photographs and video, can be priceless when pushing for an insurance claim in the wake of a storm or flood damage.

Keep the compilation in a watertight container away from rising water as high as possible, and keep a back-up copy in a safe deposit box or some remote and secure place.

It’s also advisable to scan and preserve digital copies of vital records and keep them from your house in a waterproof safe or a safety deposit box.

Tip 3: Get your Trees Trimmed

To assist in preventing storm damage to your home, it’s paramount you trim tree branches which can be growing close or hanging over your house to stop them from crashing and breaking through the roof or destroying your siding when a thunderstorm occur.

A dead tree may not look like a risk, but it’s likely to be broken by high winds during severe weather. Take care of that too!

Tip 4: Make your Gutters and Downspouts Clean

It’s additionally crucial that you ensure that you keep your down pipes and gutters clean & clear of any leaves & built up silt. Fix any gutter leaks. Ensure you frequently check to see they drain properly.

Moreover, clear your down pipes, remove any clogs in the down pipes, and use the extension hose to make certain the gutters & down pipes are all clear and working as they should be.

Tip 5: Protect Your Basement and Foundation

To help prevent floods around your house and keep your basement dry, make sure that the ground slopes far from your house’s base. Additionally, consider having a sump pump installed in your cellar to remove any groundwater that seeps indoors.

Residents in Highbury and Adelaide put their trust and believe in Bensons Cleaning Services for the flood and restoration clean-up service. We have been in the game for quite a long time and have an excellent reputation as one of the best and premier flood and restoration clean-up companies in Southern Australia. We know how it feels when you experience potential property damage from flooding; hence, our crew always work hard to put your mind to rest as soon as possible. Please, get in touch with us at bcs@bensonscleaning.com.au  or call us on 1300 505 354 or 0412 184 687 for any flood and restoration service.

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