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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: A Case Study of a Large Commercial Building in Adelaide

Any business looking to be professional needs the help of professionals to keep things original. This professional help is what our commercial carpet cleaning service is all about. We service retirement homes, hotels, social clubs, public houses, wedding venues, offices, etc. We get their carpet appealing to their customers all year round. How we carry out commercial carpet cleaning is a little bit different from residential carpet cleaning. As you will see in this case study of the carpet cleaning we did for a large commercial building in Adelaide.

The Client

An owner of a commercial building in Adelaide

The Challenge

The commercial building owner came to make an inquiry about our commercial carpet cleaning service. He was on his way to his children’s school when he sighted one of our carpet cleaning vans which is covered in sign writing. He had wanted the carpets in his commercial building cleaned for some time and he felt now was the right time to do that. Our customer care support explained all our team can do to restore his carpets back to a very clean & hygienic state. We explained all the benefits from our standard and deluxe cleaning packages. We couldn’t give him a quotation without inspecting the carpets though. Later in the day, one of our IICRC experts went to the building for inspection and a quotation was offered to him immediately. He opted for the deluxe package which includes dry encapsulation clean, heavy duty stain removal treatment, and a steam clean with a full fibre rinse. All arrangements was then made for the cleaning process to commence on a Saturday – in a few days from booking.

How we helped

The carpet in the building wasn’t different from other carpets we’ve been privileged to clean in the past. The carpet covered a vast portion of the building’s flooring. In some areas, we could see food stains, but most areas were heavily soiled, due to lack of maintenance in the past. We were told the carpet had not been cleaned in 2 years.

Nevertheless, our crew commenced the cleaning process. Some properties hindering the cleaning process in some areas were moved around, and some of them were completely moved out of the way.

Some areas in the building we spotted flotex carpets, so they needed dry encapsulation cleaning process as covered by the Deluxe Clean package. Our dry encapsulation machines have three heads instead of the usual one, this gives the carpets a much cleaner appearance on the top surface. This gave the possibility of doing a thorough carpet clean without having to deal with excess moisture. After the dry encapsulation process, our crew proceeded to steam clean them to rinse out all the grit and dirt. The cleaning process took the whole day, however.

The Result

The owner of the commercial building was fascinated by our quality of work. The carpets now look a lot cleaner & brighter than they did before, one very happy client.

A commercial carpet clean service with our wealth of experience, determination, and wealth of high-grade machines and equipment is by far much better than the standard carpet clean. Nevertheless, we put together some DIY tips if you want to do spot cleaning for your carpets. We hope you will find them handy!

Handy DIY Carpet Spot-Cleaning Tips

Flooring is among the largest investments in any home. There is a need to keep it looking great for as much time as possible. It’s unavoidable that the carpet will eventually survive some spillages. Don’t stress. Getting spills cleaned up on your carpet is very easy if you act quickly. Below are some basic suggestions to assist you to fight blemishes on your carpet before they become a long term problem.

You need to be aware of the fact that the ideas outlined here are universal and may not apply to all spills. In case you have any question about spill cleaning, endeavour to get in touch with Bensons Cleaning Services on our hotline. Our team of professionals are always ready to help you out.

#1: Get the Spill Absorbed – Use a paper towel or white cloth to soak up the spill as much as possible.

#2: Don’t rub, Blot – Ensure that you blot using the towel. If you rub, the spot could get spread and the texture of the carpet may be distorted.

#3: Make use of warm water – Begin cleaning with water when most of the spill have been absorbed. Dampen the white cloth with warm water. Continue blotting until you are sure the spot has been transferred to the towel totally. Ensure you don’t over wet the affected areas.

#4: Use our spotter bottle – After cleaning with water, if the spot remains, use our spotter bottle but we only recommend this if it’s a small stain as some requires professional assistance.

#5: Remove the chemical applied – Return to the towel and water stage. With the towel, blot up the solution in the carpet. You may have to repeat this procedure a couple of times until the carpet spotter is totally removed. This step is important because detergent deposits could cause accelerated re-soiling.

#6: Dry the carpet – Use dry and clean towels to dry the carpet.  Get them layered over the spot. Press the towels down with an item that may not be damaged by moisture or transfer colour to the towels. The towels will absorb the water immediately.

#7: Vacuum the spot – Once everything is fully dry, vacuum the spot to restore the feel.

#8: Inspect the Spot – If the spot is still dirty, you can try to replicate the procedure over again. Another alternative would be to give the professional carpet cleaning team at Bensons Cleaning Services a call right away.

Bensons Cleaning Services – the premier carpet cleaning company in Adelaide – have the expertise and tools to offer you exceptional quality carpet cleaning service upon request. We have professionals who are IICRC insured and certified to carry out your task according to your request. Our quotes are also competitive and are one of the best in the state. Contact us by email bcs@bensonscleaning.com.au or call us on 1300 505 354 or 0412 184 687 for more information.

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